Swim Spirits is proud to offer an exclusive programme for Home Education children aged 5-11 years old in Southampton.

We understand how important it is to give children wonderful learning experiences and we are proud to continue this in the pool providing an enriching, focused and stimulating atmosphere ideal for learning.

We believe being able to swim is life changing, leading to a love of water and opening opportunities for fun and adventure in life!

Your child can join our 5-7 week programmes as many times as required to achieve Swim England's nationally recognised awards Stages 1- 6.

Our courses are expertly designed to take your child from a Non-swimmer to an Improver Swimmer achieving Swim England Stage 6.

This is the desired level the UK's Government Department of Education would like all 11 year old's to be achieving.

With the ability to swim:

  • 25m (Swimmers own choice) 

  • 15m Frontcrawl

  • 15m Backstroke

  • 10m Breaststroke

  • Jump in, tread water for 20 seconds, swim 5m, turn around, swim back and climb out.

To book your child into one of our running or upcoming courses please email: swimspirits@gmail.com

To view classes and availability please see below.

Swim terms:

7th September - 19th October 2020​ - 6 weeks £60.00

Swim terms can be paid in full, or two payments (at the start of term and mid term).

Swim England badges and certificates for each award are £4.00 each, and can be collected on the last week of the course.


Term Dates: 4th January - 8th February 2021 - 6 weeks £60.00

In these classes children are taught in a fun, motivating and safe environment. They enjoy starting their swimming journey learning the fundamentals of swimming and water safety. The teacher is on poolside and an adult is required in the pool to support and assist their child/ children (COVID Safety measure).

Children can achieve Swim England 1-3.

We also use the Swim England Alpha Step Awards programme which is designed to build confidence in those who may need additional support during their swimming lessons.

They are particularly relevant for a shy/timid child, and some individuals with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

The Alpha Step Awards reward the development of the early stages of buoyancy, coordination, spatial awareness, breathing, and entering and leaving the pool safely.

The basic water skills and confidence gained through these Awards enable a smooth transition to Learn to Swim Stage 1 Framework.

BOOKING Confirmed:

Monday's 12.30pm - 1.00pm

1. Arnold

2. Arnold

3. Halliday

4. Halliday

5. Duncan

6. Duncan


Monday's 1.30pm - 2.00pm




To adhere to social distancing we can provide 3 socially distanced spots in the pool, these are suitable for 1 or 2 children with one adult. *Please note class pricing is per child.


Term Dates: 4th January - 8th February 2021.

Monday's 1.00pm - 1.30pm

In these classes, children have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Children can achieve Swim England certificates 3-5.

BOOKING Confirmed:

1. Arnold

2. Hoyle



Not sure which class? 
Just send us and email and we will happily discuss with you which class is best for your child.

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